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Bali places ready to host G20 summit, says minister Luhut Pandjaitan

Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investments Luhut Pandjaitan said in a written statement on Wednesday that the preparation phase for the upcoming G20 summit in Bali is 95 percent complete and is scheduled to be held in Nusa Dua from November 15 to 16.

“The preparations are 95 percent done, both in GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana), roads, Tahura and places in Apurva are ready. Tonight, the governor of Bali held a joint prayer. 1,200 traditional stakeholders and 1,493 representatives of traditional peoples across Bali were present,” the minister wrote.

The GWK Cultural Park, which will house the G20 presidency, will become the venue for the gala dinner for President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo and the heads of state of the Summit. Luhut also mentioned that preparations at The Apurva Kempinski, which will host the main event, have undergone a significant overhaul to host the event.

The main places of the G20 presidency are Apurva Kempinski Bali, GWK Cultural Park, Tahura Ngurah Rai and then Hotel Sofitel Nusa Dua Bali. In terms of waste management, a series of integrated waste facilities, or TPSTs, spread throughout the region have been optimized to handle the event’s waste management.

Luhut’s Dream: Indonesia Has a ‘Rain Handler’ Special Institution

The Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan wants the Indonesian government to have a special rain handler institution. But not a rain charmer in a magical sense, but Weather Modification Technology or TMC.

Luhut’s wish came out when he accompanied President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to inspect the Gala Dinner location for Heads of State members and invited guests of the G20 Summit in the courtyard of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park, Bali. At that time it suddenly rained so heavily before the gala dinner on Tuesday (15/11/2022) and then took place in the evening.

Luhut said that when it rained, the expression on President Jokowi’s face immediately indicated that he was pensive. He seemed worried about the rainy conditions that afternoon, whether it would also wet the location of the gala dinner when the country’s leaders were eating dinner or not.

“It seems that what he was thinking at that time was the same as what I was thinking. We want the event to be lively and lively. But what if heavy rain like this actually falls in the GWK Cultural Park area on November 15 evening when the event takes place?,” Luhut was quoted as saying. from his Instagram account @luhut.pandjaitan, Friday (25/11/2022).

After accompanying Jokowi’s visit that afternoon, Luhut rushed to hold a meeting with a special team consisting of BMKG, BRIN, Indonesian Air Force, PUPR Ministry, and Weather Modification Technology Expert (TMC) Tri Handoko Seto. They were given the task of making sure it didn’t rain at GWK Cultural Park during the gala dinner.

“Apart from this task, there are other tasks that are no less important, namely conditioning the weather so that it doesn’t rain when the heads of the G20 member countries walk towards the Bamboo Dome, which is located in the outdoor area of The Apurva Kempinski,” Luhut said.

The steps taken by the special team which became the ‘handler for the rain’ during the G20 Summit, he said, bore fruit. It did not rain during the G20 leaders’ outdoor events. He also admitted that he thought about the need to specifically institutionalize the rain handler.

“I came to a conclusion that science and technology of this magnitude need to have a special institution that oversees the Weather Modification Engineering. Because I heard from his (Seto) presentation, other countries like Thailand have a special TMC institution with accountability to the King,” said Luhut.

Moreover, he continued, if you look at the budget line at several government events, the TMC special team actually gets the smallest portion of the budget, even though their role is very important. In fact, operations when controlling the weather require large and expensive equipment.

“As an example during the Gala Dinner of the G20 Summit, there were 4 aircraft from the Indonesian Air Force which were assigned with the supply of data from the BMKG regarding which points have the potential to rain,” said Luhut.

In addition, Luhut believes, careful and careful calculation is needed to control the weather, among other things, to find out the thickness of the clouds and how much salt to sprinkle. This is all necessary so that the rain that occurs does not spread.

“And what needs to be known, there were 11 flights carrying 29 tons of salt to carry out the Weather Modification Technique at that time. You can imagine how much budget must be spent to carry out this operation,” said Luhut.

Megawati, SBY, and Jusuf Kalla Attend the G20 Bali Summit Gala Dinner

The first day of the G20 Summit, Tuesday (15/11), ended with a reception as well as a gala dinner at Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), which is scheduled for 19.00-21.00 WITA. President Jokowi hosted a dinner for G20 leaders and international organizations at the Cultural Park designed by the artist Nyoman Nuarta.

“Welcome and enjoy this special dinner that has been prepared. Hopefully it’s not too spicy for all the honorable ones,” said Jokowi, who was present in Balinese attire.

All 17 heads of state of the G20 members were present in semi-formal attire. Leaders from Australia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Canada, South Africa, France, Great Britain, Germany, China, India, United States, Italy, Argentina and the European Union attended GWK. Likewise, the Foreign Ministers representing the Brazilian and Mexican delegations also arrived at the location.

Not to forget the leaders of the 9 special invitations were heads of state not members of the G20, namely Singapore, Cambodia, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, Senegal, Finland, Suriname and Fiji. Plus the addition of a number of VVIP invitees consisting of heads of state and important figures namely the President of Zambia, President of Angola, President of South Sudan, PM of Denmark, Queen Maxima, President of FIFA, President of the IOC, Atlantic Council, and the World Economic Forum.

The surprise came from Indonesia itself. Among the guests were former president Megawati as well as Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Also present were former vice president Jusuf Kalla and his wife Maidah Jusuf Kalla. They look happy when interacting with existing guests.

Gala cultural dinner of the G20 in GWK

The iconic Lotus Pond of Bali’s Garuda Wisnu Kenaca (GWK) Cultural Park has been selected as the venue for the cultural welcome dinner for at least 20 heads of state and related delegations expected to attend the G20 summit in Bali in late November 2022 .

As quoted by, Andre Prawiradisastra, Head of Events and Marketing Communications of GWK, told the press on Saturday, August 20, 2022 that the preparations for the prestigious November dinner have reached the level of 80%.

Among the items being prepared for the G20 Summit Dinner at GWK in November is the renovation of the front gate, creating new steep access roads. Andrew confirmed these three main preparatory steps with other projects, including the installation of CCTV surveillance and the improvement of lighting in public areas.

Various ministries and agencies are helping GWK with the preparation for the big event. This includes the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing. Andre added: “Everything should be ready in September. But in August, President Joko Widodo can come to check that everything is clean and ready.”

Andre warned the public to expect the popular GWK Cultural Park to be closed three days before the event, November 16-18, 2022, and 2 days after the gala dinner.

GWK Cultural Park is decorated to welcome G20 delegates

The Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park is one of the places that will be used as the venue for a series of events at the G20 Summit. As one of Bali’s tourism icons, the venue will be used as the welcome dinner for the G20 on November 15, 2022.

The GWK is intended to receive delegates from different countries, including heads of delegation. GWK COO Stefanus Yonathan Asdayasa said that his group is 100 percent ready for the upcoming visit. That’s why the GWK is going to beautify itself.

“We are starting to make improvements to the locations and access. Our priority is access. This is because access to the G20 must be free of queues. We have prepared the adequacy, splendor and order to make this welcome dinner perfect, Stefanus said in a written statement from the G20 Media and Communications Team.

President Joko Widodo together with the head of the G20 delegations will have dinner in the Lotus Pond area, one of the most important places of GWK known as the main square. The outdoor area has a capacity for 7,500 people.

At this grand location, delegates can enjoy views of the majestic limestone cliffs and the garuda statue at one end of the cliffs. Upon entering the main entrance of the Lotus Pond, the delegation will first be greeted by Tirta Agung (holy water). There, visitors can also find stone carved (relief) walls that consist of stories of Garuda Wisnu Kencana becoming a mount of Lord Wisnu, believed by Hindus to be the guardian deity of the universe.

“It is planned that about 300-400 people will attend the dinner at Lotus Pond. The others, specifically the G20 participant who did not participate in the event, can eat at Jendela Bali restaurant,” Stefanus said.

If the implementation of the G20 Summit continues, GWK sites will be closed for tourist visits for four days, from 12 to 15 November 2022. During those four days, GWK will give its employees one day off. The peak implementation of the G20 summit will take place on 15-16 November 2022.