GWK Exhibition Hall was named “Balairung Dewi Sri”, after the name of the goddess of rice and fertility.

Balairung Dewi Sri

In this hall, we have prepared a special area which offer you some fun free services such as nail painting, hair braiding, temporary tattoo, caricature drawing, and batik painting.

You can also watch our feature video about the making of GWK statue. Just spend some of your time here to see how the huge parts of the statue are designed, casted, and transported to Bali where it was assembled on location. If you’d love to see it later you can purchase the DVD on GWK souvenir shop. Another video you can watch is the Panca Yadnya video.

On a particular time of a day, there will be some Balinese performances. The latest is the Barong and Kris dance.

Balairung Dewi Sri is also open for rental space, both indoor and outdoor.

The Story of Dewi Sri

Dewi Sri is believed to have dominion over the underworld and the Moon. Thus, Dewi Sri encompasses the whole spectrum of the Mother Goddess – having dominion over birth and Life: she controls rice: the staple food of Indonesians; hence life and wealth or prosperity; most especially rice surpluses for the wealth of kingdoms in Java such as Mataram, Majapahit and Pajajaran; and their inverse: poverty, famine, hunger, disease (to a certain extent) and Death. She is often associated with the rice paddy snake (ular sawah).

(source: Wikipedia)