Waiting for The World’s Largest Statue

Largest Statue
BALI is a haven for magical and unique sculptures. Recently the Island of the God of Bali seeks to bring the largest statue in the world located in Garuda Wisnu Kencana to attract tourists.

The sculpture complex presents a statue of the Hindu god Vishnu symbolized through Garuda. The making also spent approximately 25 years with a fund of USD100 million or approximately Rp1, 3 trillion, in which many struggles that must be passed because not a few obstacles that appear to complete this project.

After years of planning, redesign, underfunding, advanced and backward construction, sculptor Nyoman Nuarta says the project should be completed by September. And the last stage of installation of sculpture to the concrete and steel frame is going well. Copper and brass claws Garuda finally gripped the solid concrete foundation.

“It’s relatively easy, compared to complex engineering and fundraising for personal projects. I no longer think to benefit from this project but I just want to finish this project because this is my self-esteem – my family and I – it’s at stake, so it must be finished, “said Nyoman Nuwarta, quoted by ABCnews, Tuesday (13/6) / 2017).

Garuda Wisnu Kencana is 75 meters high, 30 meters higher than the Statue of Liberty in New York. However, the statue of Liberty is thin, and tall while Garuda has a width of nearly 64 meters. It makes life complicated for project engineers. They do not want this Garuda really fly.

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“We have designed this statue to survive in the next 100 years,” said construction chief Apul Sihotang.

For that engraver and constructor to test the wind tunnel in Canada, where they calculate the maximum wind speed that will occur the next 100 years. Strong winds slow down the installation of copper and bronze panels – the crane can not operate if the wind is blowing more than 10 knots.

Meanwhile, the shape of Garuda is so complex that engineers design special joints in their supporting structures, with up to 11 large steel beams coming together at the same point. Normal construction joints have 4 or 6 blocks. The unusual shape of the statue also means the maintenance worker will not be able to reach the outside of the statue.

“Improvements will be made from inside the statue. We will build a catwalk to fix the statue from the inside so that if there is damage, the statue will be cut from the inside, “said the head Apul.

The statue is being built by Nyoman Nuwarta team in Bandung, West Java. The statue is made with wax, then fiberglass, copper, brass, then cut and driven by truck to Bali for final installation.

As a Balinese, Nyoman Nuwarta said that the project is important for the Island of the Gods. “We know that Bali thrives from tourism and culture. If we do not develop culture then it will vanish someday. So we have three responsibilities: preserve the culture, develop it, and discover new alternative cultures, “Nyoman said.

One of the people behind this project, Ida Bagus Gede Budi Hartawan explained that the existence of this statue becomes important for the province led by I Made Mangku Pastika and I Ketut Sudikerta. Therefore, culture is the identity of Indonesia that must be preserved, and saved.

“Culture is a big thing for our country, our civilization, when we talk about technology, we may not have been there yet. When we talk about the economy, we may not be there either. But when we talk about culture, we can be the same, “Gede said.


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