GWK Cultural Park, Indonesia Present to the World

gwk cultural park

The Indonesian nation commemorated its 100th anniversary known as the NATIONAL RESURRECTION DAY. This time the GK commemorated it specifically as an attempt to review the history of the struggle of the Indonesian nation since before kemrdekaan until after independence.

gwk cultural park

GWK, whose idea was born 18 years ago, initiated the initiative by encouraging cultural strength to be a balancer. Through the relationship of the different cultures of the world is expected to take the glue of human relationships. Through this thinking was born the concept of World Cultural Forum which will be held periodically and become the main program of GWK.

GWK remains consistent with this program and will start developing gradually over 4 years. GWK is also determined to build itself without direct assistance from the government, so that its development scheme can be more focused on balancing the business of art and culture and its mission vision.

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